Virtual Reality (VR) – Play limitlessly in every casino

It is an evening in the city. The air smells of cocktails, international restaurants, car exhaust, and dry dust. The neon lights of the casinos reflect and blink in the shop windows, while the noise from many gambling halls, bars, and restaurants creeps into the ears of the man who walks the strip in Las Vegas and Vegas Strip pulls out the cuffs of his shirt under the black jacket. He strolls through the exuberant mood, scraps of laughter and fun. The bubbly dreams and hopes of people on the palm-lined sidewalk as he ponders which casino has his luck today. He turns at the limousine and enters the legendary “The Mirage”, where he sees almost endless rows of slot machines and tables. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Craps feels that they have made the right choice. He knows the slots, but tonight a blackjack table is his first choice. The dealer welcomes him to the Mirage, and the game begins. The first cards lead him straight to a 20 from a queen of hearts and a spade 10, with which he wins straight away, the young dealer has drawn an eight on his two seven. The dealer with the three-day beard and crooked fly throws a welcome grin across the table.

The cards are flipped on the table again; he hears the clinking of the ice cubes in the whiskey glass of the neighbor who washes down the 16 eyes of his hand with a big sip. He loses the next hand to the dealer's blackjack. Our man plays with his red € 10 chips, which he repeatedly rattles patiently through his fingers on the table.

Quickly laid out, two boys reveal themselves to him. He splits the jacks and doubles the bet. The elegant woman with the golden glasses gets the coveted blackjack first; then it's his turn. A 10 and a queen. He picks up two of the red chips and feels a hand on his shoulder.

The descriptive light of the gaming room disappears. Suddenly his girlfriend in a bathrobe is standing next to him in the pale light of the desk lamp. She took the VR glasses off him. The Mirage has disappeared; he sees his crumpled T-shirt in the dark monitor of his computer. Suddenly it is quiet in the study. It's dinner time.

This could be an example of what the future looks like in the online casino. Because with creative game programs and virtual reality glasses, virtual reality will undoubtedly change the online casino as we know it. In the near future, casino players will be able to stroll through the best known and most luxurious casinos between Monaco and Macau and play their favorite casino games from home. It will take a few years until then, of course, but as the computer game industry shows, VR glasses are getting smaller and simpler, and games are more realistic and exciting.

The virtual reality technology is all set to revolutionize gaming industry. This applies both to the way the games are played and the possibilities that players will have in terms of interacting with other players.

Much of the game for younger generations interact with other players, as seen in e-sports, and part of the online casino of the future will most likely focus on the social aspect of the game, where players can communicate with each other.

As probably said so many times before, we are facing a new digital age of gaming, which will not only change the habits of players, but it will also be a challenge for providers. However, the truth is that virtual reality is much more than just a new tool for a new way of online entertainment. In the future, virtual reality will help us, humans, to master tasks that previously seemed impossible.

What is virtual reality?

In short, virtual reality is a computer simulation of a three-dimensional environment that enables the user to interact with the simulated environment, which can be both a real and a fictional setting. Not too long ago, this sentence had sounded more or less crazy. Why on earth should you be somewhere other than where you already are? Today we know that there are many good reasons for this.

Although most people probably associate virtual reality with some form of entertainment, it can be used in many different ways. 

Virtual reality and online casino

There is no doubt that the possibilities for using VR technology are diverse, and of course, this also applies to the online casino industry. Given that VR glasses can take us to distant places, places that we will never travel to, it is easy to imagine that online casinos and the casino games themselves will be more entertaining than they already are.

The enthusiasm emanating from casinos continues. The people who go out of their exciting hobby from their desks in a virtual casino continue to rise. But especially the most beautiful casinos have limited capacities, and it is usually not possible to visit these magical places due to the time or the distance.

It is exactly what the online casino could and will change with VR technology. Who would not prefer to stroll through the elegant rooms of Casino Baden to settle down at a real casino table than to sit at the desk at the video poker machine?

An online casino is a simple alternative to a land-based casino, but now it seems that the most important developments in the online casino industry and virtual reality technology can lead to the online customer having direct access to a land-based casino. With a VR Casino website on their computer or hand, the customer can use the best of both worlds.

One idea of ​​the virtual reality casino is, among other things, that a player can move around in a real country-based casino or fantastic casino world by wearing VR glasses. Walk the Las Vegas strip and enter Caesars Palace to bet a few bets on a blackjack table. With virtual reality, only the imagination sets limits.

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