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Do not play extra money to play your favorite game; Roulette! 

As is now known, some banks have introduced fees for online casino transactions. It is expected that other credit institutions will follow the example sooner or later.

Why are fees charged?

Banks earn their money through interest, among other things. These are quite low, which is why those responsible are always looking for new sources of income. Many people cannot understand that the banks allow gambling transfers because, at the same time, they encourage the addiction of some players and motivate them to play excessively; obviously, this would be a source of greater profits in the long run. For this reason, credit institutions have had to face harsh criticism in the past. 

Why is the gambling fee charged for online transactions?

Do you get lost in a virtual casino every now and then to risk one or two games of online roulette? In this case, it is essential to remember that the bank always wins. Of course, regular winnings are distributed in online gambling, which is why there are definitely people who hit the jackpot in one day and leave the virtual arcade with a lot of money in their luggage. As a rule, however, the payout ratio is usually below 98%, which is why the online casino can book a high profit. Since gambling is a safe and regular source of income, the banks have now decided to grab a piece of the cake.

On the Internet, you will find countless credit card providers that offer Visa and Master Card for free. However, if you take a closer look, you will discover hidden costs. With a valid credit card, you can deposit money in almost any online casino. Credit institutions such as Consorsbank and Postbank charge 2.5%. The Comdirect even charges 3% to its customers. Illegal sites without a license are not taken into account, but money is also transferred to such dubious websites. You see, banks' profits are enormous, which is why gambling is a profitable business for them.

Tips for online gamers: How to avoid fees

At some online casinos, you can pay with Paypal, Neteller, or Paysafe card instead of a credit card. PayPal and Neteller are well-known payment services where you can create an account. The deposit is made by bank transfer. You can also connect PayPal with your credit card and your account so that you do not have to deposit money into your account. You can get a Paysafe card at almost every petrol station. The kiosk you trust should also have the cards in stock. If you purchase a Paysafe card, you will receive a code that you can redeem on the website of the respective online casino. The money will be credited to you immediately. Nothing stands in the way of an up-to-date online roulette experience!

Keep your money together!

Nobody wants to spend more than necessary; instead of paying hidden charges, you can actually save the money. We live in a world where banks benefit from gambling addicts. While the payment methods of banks are convenient, there are other equally convenient options that you must choose from and have the best roulette experience ever!

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