Everything that you need to know about The Payout Ratio (RTP) as a gambler!

Every game in an online casino has a payout ratio or abbreviated RTP (Return To Player). The payout ratio is always given as a percentage and describes which part of a player’s stake is paid out on average. One cannot assume that the amount given will actually be returned after a few rounds of play. The payout ratio is the varying number that changes with each hand you play. It gives you a rough idea or calculates a probability for you.

How is the payout ratio calculated?

In order to calculate the payout ratio, at least 10,000 game rounds, usually much more, are used. The payout ratio is then calculated from the total distribution of these vast amounts of game rounds. The most slots at online casinos have payout percentages from 95 to 96%. However, there are exceptions, such as Microgaming’s Mega Moolah (only 88%) or NetEnt Jackpot 6000 (over 99%).

What does the payout ratio tell me as a player?

The payout ratio shows players what percentage of their stakes will be paid out in winnings over the long term. In addition, the payout ratio, in conjunction with the payout table of a slot, gives a bit of information about the volatility of a machine. Volatility describes the frequency of profits. The higher the volatility, the less often, but the higher a player wins. Slots with a very high payout ratio usually have lower volatility, which means that winnings appear more often here, but turn out to be smaller.

Where can you find payout ratios, and who calculates them?

Payout rates are not only for slots in online casinos but also for all other games. Every video poker game, every blackjack variant, and every roulette table has a certain or undetermined payout ratio. This payout ratio is calculated on the one hand by the developer of the respective game. On the other hand, in online casinos, external companies that specialize in this type of work are always commissioned to check the payout ratio of the games and at the same time to calculate a payout rate that includes all games of the casino and thus indicates the total percentage value of all payouts in this casino.

At online casinos, the payout ratios are significantly higher than those at local casinos, which makes playing on the Internet an attractive undertaking.  

Payout rates for selected slot developers:

Microgaming & NetEnt slots over 95 percent

BossMedia & Cryptologic slots over 90 percent

On-site slot machines between 60 and 70 percent

Can you trust payout percentages?

Just like on gaming machines in arcades, payout percentages in online casinos cannot simply be invented. Because the specified payout percentages are checked in online casinos when they apply for a license. Licensed casinos can, therefore, not cheat when it comes to specifying the payout ratio, which, in turn, means for customers that it can be trusted to provide this rate.

Variable payout ratios

Some games do not have a fixed payout ratio because of how customers play. The best example of this is the blackjack. If you are not familiar with the classic, you are playing with gut instinct and making mistakes that significantly drive down the payout ratio. However, if you deal with blackjack and have the experience, you can use the basic strategy to minimize the house edge and thus significantly increase the payout ratio. However, variable payout rates are not just for table games. Even some slots do not have fixed payouts, because the game behavior of the customer influences the odds. In most cases, these are slots that can be played with an additional bet and additional functions enabled by this.

The payout ratio is not the measure of all things

A high payout ratio looks tempting but ultimately does not affect the upcoming game rounds. Why not? One might ask. Whoever plays at a slot in an online casino does not usually do this for several hours or even days at a time and does not usually use thousands and thousands of euros. The payout ratio is not relevant for a normal “session” on a slot since the period, and the amount set is too less to be representative.

What is essential in addition to the payout ratio


profit rate

The volatility of the slot

Therefore, payout ratios are interesting for players to see, but not crucial. Other factors should be much more important when choosing a game. First of all, you have to like a game visually, in terms of content and in terms of the features. The volatility of a slot is also more important than the payout ratio. Each player has different preferences, so it is better to base yourself on the frequency of winnings when choosing a slot than on the payout ratio.

Conclusion on the payout ratio in online casinos

The payout ratio indicates how much money will be returned to the players in the long run at 100%. You can find the payout ratio for each game and as a total payout ratio for the entire online casino. Since this rate is calculated in the long run, it is not particularly relevant for individual player rounds, but it is interesting information. You can also trust the details of the payout ratios, as these are calculated by experts and checked when licensing an online casino. Some games do not have a specific payout ratio. With them, the odds can be influenced by the game behavior and increased in favor of the players. The payout ratio should not be a deciding factor when choosing a slot or game. More important selection criteria are the fun factor and the volatility of a game.

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