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To put it simply, we are the team of motivated professionals who are dedicated to bringing you all that happens in the world of gambling and betting. This description would be too simple; we believe our viewers must have an in-depth knowledge of everything just as our aim to bring you the detailed and unbiased knowledge from the world of gambling and betting. So here’s an elaborated version of who we are. 

A team of dedicated individuals who decided to enter the vastness of the field of gambling with the aim of developing the world’s best news platform for our viewers. To entice you further, let us share with you a few stats about the gaming industry!

  • 26% of the global population gambles regularly. That equates to a whopping 1.6 billion people all around the world! 
  • 4.3 billion people around the world gamble at least once a year!
  • The gambling industry has an average growth rate of around 5% 

There are millions of more stats to share, and that is precisely the intent behind creating the platform. The platform is run by the vision to make it the best source of gambling and betting news for our viewers! It thrills us to become active contributors to billions of dollars’ worth industry.

What’s in it for you?

We assume that you are a passionate gambler or a betting enthusiast who aims to be updated with the ins and outs of the industry. We would gladly tell you that your search ends here. We assure you that this is where you’ll find the best of:

  • Gambling Advice: Wouldn’t you want to miss out on the advice that your favorite players wish to share with you. On this platform, we share with you the best advice you can ever have to champion your favorite game. Which poker player do you like the most? Which BlackJack champ you like to follow the most, or which rummy player’s style you like the best? Let us know, and we shall communicate with you the best advice they got to give you.
  • International Events: Want to find the schedules of your favorite poker tournaments? Do you wish to have the latest updates on the ongoing blackjack tournaments? Do you wish to know how to participate in the tournaments as a player or a spectator? This is the platform where you’ll find all such latest updates. 
  • Rules and Regulations: International regulatory bodies change the game rules often. If you are a passionate gambler, then you must know all that is being changed; as they say in the gambling world, better knowledge leads to better profits. Well if you wish to be updated about the rules and regulations then stay tuned; this is one platform where you will find all the betting and gambling amendments. We aim to bring you the best knowledge so you have the best available information at all times!
  • Taxation laws: How are gamblers taxed? In which part of the world will your winnings be taxed the least and where will you have to pay huge sums of money to the government; all such information will be shared with you here. Being informed about the policies will allow you to make a better and informed decision and would allow you to win more and more!
  • Payment methods: Do you know that online casinos accept payments from your bank directly? But do you know that you might have to pay up to 3% bank charges for the transactions you make? Do you know that there are ways to enjoy the favorite games at online casinos without having to pay a dime as a bank fee? This is the platform that knows the value of your money, and here we share ways through which you can save yourself from unnecessary charges so that you invest in what matters the most to you: Gambling!
  • Online Casinos: Here, we shall review multiple casinos across the globe so that you know which ones you should play on. There are casinos that offer a single game, and then there are casinos that offer up to 500 games. We will analyze for you the best casinos for you to play so that you don’t have to go through the gruesome task of experimenting on casinos and might even be disappointed if you land on a pathetic one!

Finally the Feedback

Know it in your heart that this platform has been specifically designed for you! Yes, it is our viewers whose satisfaction we care for the most. Thus in this section, you can tell us about what you like and want to be shared more. You may also give us guide us where you see a room for improvement. After all, we believe that the only key to success is to have two-way communication with the viewers!

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